#21- The Polar Bear Dip

A New Years tradition that I just discovered this year (as I am from a city where water becomes ice this time of year). Hundreds of people run into the cold cold water usually to raise money for a cause (or cure a hangover).

1) The Family- Families will come together and take in this bonding experience together. Usually sported in family shirts saying “______ family polar bear dip (insert year), they run in together, run out together.

2) The First Timer- Usually The First Timer will have just heard about the dip most likely within the week. They think “it could be fun” so they do it. No preparation, so usually they won’t have a towel, or a change of clothes. OOPS

3) The Couple- “we can make it our thing” … (I saw a Just Married couple in onesies)

4) The Veteran- The Veteran is someone who has been participating in the dip for many years. The cold water feels good, and that facebook status saying “I have done the dip for my 10th year” feels even better.

It looks like Jesus decided to dip

5) The Tourist- (ME!) Stumbling upon this event, the tourist is amazed that people actually do this. Taking pictures and watching in awe, the Tourist is usually seen from a distance (because they didn’t bring a swim suit…(no excuse) ).

6) Theme- Sort of like the family, the Theme consists of a pair or a group who all come dressed the same. Not to be mistaken with t-shirts, the Theme is usually a costume of some sort such as “Thing 1 Thing 2”

7) From the Party- The people who are so dedicated, but party too hard. They usually come right from the party (as you can tell via suits, jackets, party accessories) and are still drunk that the cold is refreshing.

8) The Costume- “I am going to go to the Polar Bear Dip and make a statement.” ITS HALLOWEEN+WATER

Is that Rudolph?!

Since this was my first year I only was able to witness these types, any more?!? comment. complain. whatever