#18- The Movie Theater

Whether you are going to see a comedy or a drama, the people that attend the movies are all the same!

1 ) The Critic- The critic can be two types. 1) an actual movie critic who writes articles (they will be seen with pen and papers) or 2) that annoying person that gives commentary throughout the whole movie. “Did you see that? OMG so predictable.” Yes, we did see that, because in fact, we are watching the movie as well.

2 ) The Couple- Depending on the age, they might not be too¬†distinguishable. If they are over the age of 18, they are probably fine. If they are under, then they can be seen in the back row, doing god knows what… because honestly you are at the movie, so you should be watching the movie, not the underaged couple in the back-row.

3 ) The Pre-Teens- Everyone once identified in this category. The obnoxious group of 5 or more who go to a movie as their social outing, Taking up a row, and buying all the concession stand food they can with their allowance money. Usually they are loud and will be asked by the staff to cool it, or even get asked to leave.

4 ) The First Date- The signs are usually obvious, interesting amount of space between them, awkward conversation before “are you excited to see this movie.” Maybe about halfway into the movie an arm will go around the other. precious. That Steve Carrell movie will probably lead to marriage.

5 ) Golden Years- GY’s are just old people who still go out. Tuesday Matinees are usually the shows they frequent, but don’t be too shocked if you see them at a 7 o clock showing of “that time piece that will probably get Oscar nominations”.

The Couple perhaps? Maybe with a mix of Middle Age Mayhem?

6 ) Middle Age Mayhem- MAM’s are a funny group. They attend movies usually in more than one group of couples. They make a night out of it, going for some fancy dinner before hand, and see the movie after.

7 ) Friends- These are the people who are just straight up bored. “Hey its a Friday night and I don’t feel like going to the bar, wanna come see the latest Ryan Gosling movie and cry about being single afterwards.” …followed by “I will have a large ice cream please”

8 ) Fanatics- Ok, so the Fanatics usually only come out for when “big” movies come out, such as Twilight or Harry Potter (note: I am into neither). They dress up in character, wait in lines for hours, all to watch their characters go at it on the big screen for 120 minutes. They are a bit obnoxious, like really, can the characters see you in costume from the screen? Is it Halloween? Save it for Comic Con.

9 ) Childs First Movie- Screaming, Crying, Sleeping, Talking…. The child will do usually everything but watch the movie, except for a chunk of about 20 minutes.

You know the drill. Comment. Complain. Whatever