Re: The Apartment Building

A little gem that my sister received….not the full picture for discretion (original post)

Passive Aggressive Landlord


Holidaze Laze

Ok, so sorry about the lack of stereotyping… I was too busy enjoying time away from my computer… I guess this was a foreshadow into the future because the daily post will burn out quick, and I don’t want to burn out the first week of January! Sorry for infrequency.

Anyways, I will resume tomorrow with a fun new list (or tonight, whenever my creative juices flow), if you have suggestions go ahead..

I will leave you with a preview of a future list….. I resolve (in terms of this blog) for 2012 to try and take my own pictures instead of googling images.

What can this be?! Hint: my own picture for once

#19- Boxing Day/Black Friday

50%-80% deals. 100% CRAZY. Admit it, you each identify with one of these characteristics.

1 ) Scope-Out Sari- The most prepared of them all the Scope-Out Sari (SOS) gathers coupons and flyers weeks before. The SOS will go into stores to scope out locations of items, and on game-day attacks!

2 ) Line-up Lenny- Did you hear about that really good sale?! Well, Line-Up Lenny (LUL) did, and they have been camping out for those five dollar shoes. DO NOT even think about cutting the line, because you will have to deal with LUL and some pepper spray.

3 ) In and Outskies- “I just want to check out the deals” …five minutes later “ok, I had enough”

4 ) Violence- Don’t Mess.

Line-Up-Lennys in action

5 ) Corner Cam- The line-ups for the changing rooms are extremely long and Corner Cam knows where its at. CC can be spotted in the corner of a clothing store, in a well prepared outfit to try clothes on, trying clothes on. CC is eluded of patience, so the corner will have to do with selfsie shots on the camera phone.

6 ) Cheap’N’Chillin- Why would you shop on a day of sales for regular priced items?!? The Cheap-N-Chillin will only look at racks with markdowns, and if the item is over 20 dollars, forget about it.

7 ) Drag Along A- The mom of the family just really wants to go to Target to check out the deals, and therefore, her children are forced to come along. You can notice the DAA because you will hear children screaming and running up and down aisles. What happened to the peace and quiet of Boxing Day/Black Friday? Oh wait….

8 ) Drag Along B- The children (usually preteen or teens) really want that top that is on sale (or insert any other item) and drag their parents to accompany them, and ultimately pay for them.

You know what to do. Comment. Complain. Whatever

#18- The Movie Theater

Whether you are going to see a comedy or a drama, the people that attend the movies are all the same!

1 ) The Critic- The critic can be two types. 1) an actual movie critic who writes articles (they will be seen with pen and papers) or 2) that annoying person that gives commentary throughout the whole movie. “Did you see that? OMG so predictable.” Yes, we did see that, because in fact, we are watching the movie as well.

2 ) The Couple- Depending on the age, they might not be too distinguishable. If they are over the age of 18, they are probably fine. If they are under, then they can be seen in the back row, doing god knows what… because honestly you are at the movie, so you should be watching the movie, not the underaged couple in the back-row.

3 ) The Pre-Teens- Everyone once identified in this category. The obnoxious group of 5 or more who go to a movie as their social outing, Taking up a row, and buying all the concession stand food they can with their allowance money. Usually they are loud and will be asked by the staff to cool it, or even get asked to leave.

4 ) The First Date- The signs are usually obvious, interesting amount of space between them, awkward conversation before “are you excited to see this movie.” Maybe about halfway into the movie an arm will go around the other. precious. That Steve Carrell movie will probably lead to marriage.

5 ) Golden Years- GY’s are just old people who still go out. Tuesday Matinees are usually the shows they frequent, but don’t be too shocked if you see them at a 7 o clock showing of “that time piece that will probably get Oscar nominations”.

The Couple perhaps? Maybe with a mix of Middle Age Mayhem?

6 ) Middle Age Mayhem- MAM’s are a funny group. They attend movies usually in more than one group of couples. They make a night out of it, going for some fancy dinner before hand, and see the movie after.

7 ) Friends- These are the people who are just straight up bored. “Hey its a Friday night and I don’t feel like going to the bar, wanna come see the latest Ryan Gosling movie and cry about being single afterwards.” …followed by “I will have a large ice cream please”

8 ) Fanatics- Ok, so the Fanatics usually only come out for when “big” movies come out, such as Twilight or Harry Potter (note: I am into neither). They dress up in character, wait in lines for hours, all to watch their characters go at it on the big screen for 120 minutes. They are a bit obnoxious, like really, can the characters see you in costume from the screen? Is it Halloween? Save it for Comic Con.

9 ) Childs First Movie- Screaming, Crying, Sleeping, Talking…. The child will do usually everything but watch the movie, except for a chunk of about 20 minutes.

You know the drill. Comment. Complain. Whatever

#16- The Dollar Store

The Dollar Store is a wonderful place, prices are cheap and they have everything. By everything, I mean everything from items to people.

1) Student Project- Does this really need an explanation? Students need poster board, crayons and some canned soup (why not?)…. Dollar Store has them all.

2) Grocery Gettin- These people know where its at. They are usually living on their own and have an insane budget. Why buy soup for a dollar when you can get two for a dollar? Why would anyone shop at a real grocery store when they are on a budget? Just don’t compete over the last Mr. Noodle bowl, some serious heat will go down.

3) Bored Barbara- Sometimes you just want to get out of the house. The BoBar does just that. They will go and just peruse The Dollar Store and try to justify that she/he is in need of certain items…. one hour later, BoBa is making crafts.

4) Fidgety Family- I don’t know why a Family would come to the Dollar Store in the first place. One, it is cramped in there (so many goods so little space), Two, the child is bound to steal something because there is just too much stuff. Families split up, and get lost, and soon you’ll hear a mother screaming for her child. Don’t worry, your child is in the aisle with colouring books and birthday supplies.

Everyone needs to acknowledge that a Dollar Store has a certain smell........ is that the smell of sale?

5) Holiday Hungry- Ok, so the Dollar Stores are really on top of their holidays. So why go to Walmart or Target to get your decorations, when the Dollar Store has everything you need?! Sure the decor and items are not quite right, but its cheap. The HH will end up spending the same amount or more, because the Dollar Store brings out the shopaholic in them… sucker.

6) Gift Exchange George- Ok, so you have been there, I have been there, everyone has been there. You get suckered in to a gift exchange of some sort with some funny number for a limit. Where else is there to go besides the Dollar Store? No where. “Hey! Let’s exchange junk to each other that we will never use” … great idea!

7) Birthday Bonanza- The Birthday Bonanza is one who is shopping for a birthday party. They are frantic because it is usually left to the last minute, and are in need of some serious Dora hats. Being behind the BB in line is just the worst, because you know they have 100 items.

Comment, Complain, Whatever

#15 The Breakfast Place

Ok, so I realized that I have done “Restaurants” before, but breakfast “joints” are just so much more…. I know because I frequent them! They are for some reason considered the casual place, hence why people go. (I made up that reason, I go because breakfast food is the best)

1) Catch up- The Catch Up includes people who have been out of town for a period of time, or just have not seen each other. For some reason, breakfast is the only option. Drinking their coffees and ordering their very specific egg order, the Catch Up can be heard reminiscing.

2) Hangover Hash- You all know it. You have all been there. The morning after a crazy night and you just have got to debrief what went down! Half the party doesn’t order or doesn’t eat their order because they are fighting to keep last-night’s fun down, and the others are just downing everything left and right “bacon with a side of bacon please”

3) 55+ Heaven- Early Bird specials are taken literally with the 55+. Drinking their morning java whilst eating eggs for 2 dollars is so much better than making eggs at home.

"I am SO hungover, give me some carbs and grease... STAT"

4) Like Mother Like Daughter- Mothers and daughters doing breakfast, because living together 24/7 is not enough.

5) Morning after Madness- That awkward time when two people show their passion for each other and wake up realizing that they are sleeping next to them. “I have to drive you home, so lets go to breakfast.” This is where a one-night-stand can either remain so, or blossom into regular booty-calls, casual dating or even a relationship! “I Do…. want the french toast.”

A little shorter than usual, so if you have any suggestions, leave a comment!