# 17- Children Sporting Events

So my first post dealt with Hockey Games… but what about those peewees who bring a crowd?! They always bring quite the variety to the event, and you just know these ones will appear, in fact, you might just be one!

1)  Soccer Mom- You know… the one who rolls up in the mini-van/SUV with a carpool of fellow peewees, usually feeding them carrots and dip at break time, and making sure they drink two cups of juice. Don’t diss her cookies though….

2) Settle Down Sam- Interchangeable for both Mom/Dad… but these are the ones who harrass the teams coach for reasons such as “why did my _____ not play first” “how come ____ is on the bench” “you are favouring _____” …. otherwise known as the helicopter parent.

3) Extended Fam- These are cute. These are the ones in the stands who come in crowds of 20, ranging from grandparents to cousins to girlfriends and boyfriends of siblings, they are all there to root on that one child, even if he/she is on the field/ice/court for a total of 5 minutes.

4) Friendly Neighbours- “Oh your son/daughter plays _____, well we will have to come watch a game” AND THEY DO. If you are lucky they will bring snacks as well.

Can you spot the stereotype?!

5) Unenthused Ursula – UU is usually a sibling who is being forced to come to the game. Depending on age they can be seen either on a Nintendo DS/cell phone, waiting to get the heck out of there!

6) Who is That?!- The questionable ones in the stands. Are they safe?  Are they related? Are they a scout?! (ha, ok well maybe not that last one for peewees).

7) Sideline Coaches- Worse than the Settle Down Sam, the Sideline Coach is directing the game from the sidelines. “WHAT ARE YOU DOING? YOU SHOULD HAVE GONE LEFT, TAKE HIM OUT” …. relax my friend, this game is for children.

you know the drill. comment, complain, whatever.


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