#15 The Breakfast Place

Ok, so I realized that I have done “Restaurants” before, but breakfast “joints” are just so much more…. I know because I frequent them! They are for some reason considered the casual place, hence why people go. (I made up that reason, I go because breakfast food is the best)

1) Catch up- The Catch Up includes people who have been out of town for a period of time, or just have not seen each other. For some reason, breakfast is the only option. Drinking their coffees and ordering their very specific egg order, the Catch Up can be heard reminiscing.

2) Hangover Hash- You all know it. You have all been there. The morning after a crazy night and you just have got to debrief what went down! Half the party doesn’t order or doesn’t eat their order because they are fighting to keep last-night’s fun down, and the others are just downing everything left and right “bacon with a side of bacon please”

3) 55+ Heaven- Early Bird specials are taken literally with the 55+. Drinking their morning java whilst eating eggs for 2 dollars is so much better than making eggs at home.

"I am SO hungover, give me some carbs and grease... STAT"

4) Like Mother Like Daughter- Mothers and daughters doing breakfast, because living together 24/7 is not enough.

5) Morning after Madness- That awkward time when two people show their passion for each other and wake up realizing that they are sleeping next to them. “I have to drive you home, so lets go to breakfast.” This is where a one-night-stand can either remain so, or blossom into regular booty-calls, casual dating or even a relationship! “I Do…. want the french toast.”

A little shorter than usual, so if you have any suggestions, leave a comment!


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