#14- Reality Talent Shows

OK, so this isn’t really a place… but Reality TV and its talent shows has just the most stereotypical people, it is hard to be ignored!

1) Folky Farrah- Ok, so this has only become a trend somewhat recently. There is always the girl who strips down songs and makes them into acoustic wonders. While technically their voice isn’t amazing, it is “in” to like their style… so they make it pretty far

2) Folky Boy- Same as the girl. Accompanied by dreads or some sob story about being homeless. Can be seen strumming guitars or ukeleles.

3) Strumming Steve- A bit different than FB, SS is more of that rock idol whom you look up to who reinvents songs. Little did you know if you went on YouTube you could find millions of the same.. who’s the individual now

4) Alternative Anne- The “ROCK” girl, AA can be seen in blacks, leathers, different coloured hair and the works. AA will be most likely seen as the rebel, and will only make it far if she has people voting for her as a “joke.”

Diva Deb! (Pia from Idol)

5) Diva Deb- “OooohAhhhAhhh” what’s that? Another rift? Calm down.

6) Old Oscar- “This is my final chance at becoming someone”… NOPE, even if you win you will maybe have a career for a few months, no one can market an older person, sorry. You’ll be back to malls in no time! (Re: Taylor Hicks)

AND.. then there are the songs that are sung that are just SO predictable, here are some:

Anything: Whitney, Celine, Mariah… Hallelujah, Mad World, Stripped down rock song, 80s headbangers stripped down, Beatles, Any song that reflects the contestants hardships on life, the new hip artist (Adele, Florence), previous winners songs (Kelly Clarkson, Carrie Underwood), Landslide (this list can go on forever)

any other thing that is just known for contestants on reality talent shows? comment!


2 thoughts on “#14- Reality Talent Shows

  1. The girls that cry when they get negative feedback so the audience automatically vote for them because their tears somehow make them better all of a sudden?

    Not sure if it happens in the US but definitely happens in Australia

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