#9- The Grocery Store

*So it is Sunday night and I am posting, but its only because I have nothing to do right now, so if I forget a day this week, relax (by that I mean Wednesday )*

Oh man, whether it is your neighbourhood supermarket or chains such as Safeway or Sobeys… the people you see shopping are endless! This post is going to be a longer one, because frankly, I hate going to the grocery store because of most of these people below (I am 7 for sure).

1 ) Slow’N’Seventy- The SNS is one of the more irritating people you see at the grocery store. Kudos for being 70 and being able to grocery shop, but for goodness sakes you need to pick up the pace. Always with a shopping cart and a paper list (people still use those?), the average shopper will be able to lap the SNS 5 times down one aisle…. NEWSFLASH the Cranberry Juice is in the next aisle, and I will just go get it for you!

2 ) Caking’N’Baking- The Caking’N’Baking (see what I did there with the multiple “N” titles (2) ) is someone who is grocery shopping for the purpose of baking or cooking something. Whether it is for a bake sale, a birthday or for fun, the CNB lingers in the Cake Mix aisle for about 10 minutes… because, what is the difference between Vanilla and French Vanilla?!

3 ) Newly Roomates/Roomdates- This pairing of people is a real joy. Newly living together (whether romantically or not) the NR come grocery shopping and are shocked at the differences they find in one another! “Oh my, you can’t drink regular milk? Does that mean we need to buy Soy as well, what about cheese? Can you have Cheese?” Nope. They cannot, goodbye pizza night!

4 ) Fighting Couples- Fighting Couples can be of any age, as fighting, as we know, is universal. They fight over everything in sight “I want Cheerios” “No! We need to get the store-brand brand because its cheaper” or “You should be watching your cholesterol, put that down” are common phrases you will hear.

5 ) Family Part A (older children)- So I put the Families in two different sections, because frankly, they are different. FPA includes a parent (usually one, because why would an older youth go grocery shopping with both) and a child over the age of 15. The child (or teen) is usually being forced to go, and therefore will make the experience a nightmare. They feel the need to punish their parent by this burden of grocery shopping, so you will often see the youth bickering with their parent and sneaking food into the grocery cart. 500 dollars later, and the parent regrets forcing their child to come.

Family Part B in action!

6 ) Family Part B (younger children)- FPB is usually a whole family outing. With children under the age of 12, it can get messy. The children are grabbing food left and right, sometimes even opening it. There are tears and tantrums.. and if you see this family in action, you turn in the opposite direction….and run. Usually hiding in the treat aisle is a safe bet, because if the parents take the FPB there…. it turns into a warzone, so it is usually avoided.

7 ) Move It Or Lose It- The MIOLI is someone who cannot be bothered by the presence of anyone. Knowing where to go and what to get, the MIOLI wants to be in and out. Don’t think about cutting the MIOLI with your shopping cart, or you will not be hearing the end of it. MIOLI is usually a solo shopper, as other people slow them down. They are on a mission, and that mission is to get the heck out of the grocery store.

8 ) The Couponer/Budget Betty- This type has been glorified on TV lately by TLC’s “Extreme Couponing”. They are not a type you want to be behind in line. Taking forever and asking for price checks on every item, This type is almost a burden. Never mind the fact that they are cheating the system, they are also cheating you and your time. Don’t even think about fighting them for the last of an item that is on sale, that can be double couponed… or it will be on!!

9 ) Wannabe Couponer- Almost more annoying than the Couponer/BB, the Wannabe Couponer, is a type that tries to be like the C/BB. Also doing price checks on every item, the excitement remains on the WC’s face when they find out that an item, is in fact, on sale. Telling everyone around them about the savings they saved, the C/BB’s are somewhere rolling their eyes, because they would have done a better job.

10) Party Hostin- The PH is similar to the CNB. Although not even in the slightest annoying, its amusing to watch the PH try and find Party Trays for everything. Ridding the shelves of frozen appy’s and meat and cheese trays, the PH is regretting the fact that they are hosting a party and not catering.

11 ) Where Is It?- WII, arguably the most annoying of them all, is someone who does not know where anything is. Wandering aimlessly through the aisles, the WII is holding everyone up, including the SNS. “Excuse me, do you work here? Can you help me find the Kraft Dinner?” “Oh umm miss, its right in front of your face”

If I missed any, comment and I will potentially add it in (with credit)!



3 thoughts on “#9- The Grocery Store

  1. I am definitely a MIOLI i have a list and i organize it in order so i can save time. I will run you over and kick your cart out of my way heck if it would save me 2 min ill take an item from a passing cart if they are not looking (i have never done that)but i would if i had thought of it)

  2. I often get stuck behind a wild Dokwhami (Don’t know what money is). You know: the one who spends several minutes on the process of using a credit card, with little hassles over approval & all, to buy $2 worth of merchandise.

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