#8- The Nail Salon

**Sidenote, I decided to do my posts from Monday-Friday, this first week was just an exception**


From the estheticians to  the customers, the Nail Salon is a rainbow of fun!!

1) Olden’Golden- The Olden’Golden (or O’G) is a staple in the Nail Salon world. Retired from her (mostly her) career, or retired from being a housewife… the O’G comes to the Nail Salon weekly. Chatting up the workers, The O’G will pry into their lives, complementing the prying with stories of their successful grand children. Their feet are a treat to work on!

2) The Housewife- The Housewife, just like the O’G is another staple in the Nail Salon circuit. Coming from a previous appointment (wax or starbucks date), The Housewife always has the hot word on the street. Coming for mostly the gossip session, the manicure/pedicure is just the added bonus. “Did you hear that ____ spent this much money on _____?” If you’re at the nail salon with The Housewife, now you do!

3) Future Housewife- The Future Housewife, has all the same perks of The Housewife, except the age. The FH is either in their late teens or early 20s and makes it a habit to go for their weekly ‘cure, because their cuticles are just “so bad.” The FH will mostly come in duos or trios, and have no interest in gossiping with the estheticians, because thats what their friends are for!

The Housewife... Did you hear that ____ and ____ are getting a divorce?!

4) Exciting Event- the EE, is someone who does not go for their nails often. They go in preparation for event (Wedding, Birthday, Mitzvah, Trip). Appreciative as ever, the EE tips well and uses the massage chairs to the fullest. The environment is much better with the EE around, and if you’re fortunate enough… they’ll tell you why they’re getting their nails done!

5) Child- As simple as that, the Child, just like the EE is coming to get their nails done for a special occasion (hopefully because what 10 year old needs weekly ‘cures). The child, for the appointment, acts adult like, and is usually always smiling. Don’t be surprised if the Child is donning nail art at the end!

6) Gift Certificate Fanatica- The GCF is someone who only goes to get the ‘cure because of a gift-certificate they received. Kind of bothered by going, the GCF will only be spotted with a gift certificate, because they don’t understand why you should pay to get your nails done. Usually polite, the GCF isn’t known for tipping well… (or maybe that’s just me)

7) The Boy- Ok, so it is well known that females go for ‘cures much more often than boys do. Science says the ratio is 10:1 (girls to boys). I just made that statistic up, but I bet I am right! The Boy is a good customer, but is clearly there just to get the nails done. No Gossip. No Nail Art. No polish. Just the clippings and the buffings.

Anymore types at the nail salon? Comment and I will add it (and credit you for the idea)


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