#7- Da Club

“Da” Club, or the Bar is another place where you will find some typical folk! Ha! Who am I kidding?

1) The Bachelorette Party- You will know it when you see it. Donned in sashes and crowns and boas, the Bachelorette Party is at Da Club for a one last hurrah… Cheering loudly (by cheering I mean loud high pitch screaming), sometimes in matching clothes… the members of the party will be seen buying multiple shots for the lucky lady. Later on you can see the lucky lady passed out, being escorted to the limo by her friends. WOO!

2) Dance Off Pants Off- The DOPO does not necessarily take their pants off, but they might as well. Seen in teen movies and at your local night club the DOPO is on the dance flo’ in the center, showing their moves… hoping for an opponent. Likely accompanied by a cliche song like “It’s Tricky” DOPO is only at Da Club to prove their dance status… because obviously there are scouts from the Janet Jackson tour at Da Club.

3) Mo Money- Mo Money is a type that can be seen either surrounded by bottle service, or buying everyone at Da Club, shots. Whether MM actually has lots of money or just came into a lot of money, when you’re with MM don’t expect anything less than Patron. “I’d like to order Jagers for EVERYONE in Da Club… because tonight I’m droppin hundy bills”

4) VIP- VIP can mean many things at Da Club. Usually its own private section or table, the people who have VIP for the night take on the VIP personality. Sipping champagne in their Club bests, the VIP looks down on the rest of Da Club, because VIP is Club “Royalty.”

5) 18th/21st Birthday- Depending on the country, the number can be interchangeable. You will know its the big birthday because they will have a large ribbon pin that says so. They will be taking Da Club in like its their first time (we all know they had fake ID’s in the past) and getting sloppy! Remember…. it’s not your 18th/21st birthday until you’ve puked!!

VIP room?! you be the judge!

6) Lust At First Dance Move- LAFDM is a staple in Da Club circuit. Whether you are watching or not, you know its happening. Person A finds Person B, Person A dances with Person B, Person A makes out with Person B…. What? You have a boyfriend/girlfriend that’s not with you tonight?! Shhh don’t tell, even though I’m at the center of the dance floor making out with the most amazing dancer (not mistaken with DOPO) EVER!!! (or the LAFDM can actually be a couple… you be the judge)

7) Sloppy Sally- The Sloppy Sally can be both female or male, and is just that, Sloppy. Spilling drinks left and right, tripping over themselves and hair messy, the Sloppy Sally had a good time, and they are not afraid to show it! Near the end of the night they can either be found a) over a toilet b) on a chair/couch with eyes fluttering c) being escorted to a taxi d) puking on the dance floor e) a LAFDM…. What?! They are just having a good time!

8 ) Frat Pack- Oh yes, the Frat Pack! Coming to Da Club in either their signature collared shirts or plaid (I hear it’s in style), the Frat Pack rides together… that is until they become one of the other types listed above (which they all WILL except the DD). Ordering beers and whiskey, the Frat Pack can mostly be seen at the beginning in a big huddle, not dancing… or finding their prey for the evening!

9) The Underager Rager (via my sis) You know who you are! The Underager Rager wears a lot of makeup and borrows their friends ID or passport (or if they are special… their friends older siblings ID/Passport). The UR memorizes all of their details and takes on their persona for the night so they can bump n’grind with the big kids. “Oh You’re from Illinois?” “Yeah I study Liberal Arts at UIllinois… I’m a senior” …yes, yes they are!

If you have anymore, comment.. and maybe I will add it in… I know there is more.


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