#6- The Music Festival

Music Festival season takes place from April-September, and so far in my life, I have experienced my fair share of music festivals. The people who attend Music Festivals are very distinct.

1) Festival Fanatic- The Festival Fanatic is someone who attends the festival, ALL THE TIME. They have been going for at least five years and will let everyone know in their path that the festival is “not what it used to be.” Sometimes snobby, the Festival Fanatic has no patience for newbies, and has made the perfect schedule to from stage to stage.

2) The Newbie- The Newbie is going to the festival for the first time and extremely excited. The Newbie will purchase everything, and will spend approximately fifty dollars a day on food (but we all know to bring snacks to festivals). The Newbie will be caught wearing the festival t-shirt on day one.

Newly Legal... doing what they do best  (source LA weekly)

Newly Legal... doing what they do best

3) The Hipster- A common type, The Hipster at the festival will be at the festival just to tell all of their hipster friends that they went. Caring more about their appearance than the music, you can catch the Hipster mostly walking around (to be seen of course) in Beige Fedoras (the festival symbol), and weather inappropriate clothing (such as leather boots in 30 degree/100 degree weather or skinny jeans).

4) The Hippy- Not to be confused with The Hipster, The Hippy attends music festivals for the “experience.” Usually with three generations of family in tow, the hippy can be seen from open to close lounging on a field with their children running free. The Hippy always has a smile on their face.

5) This Is E-Mazing- This Is E-Mazing (TIEM) also comes for the “experience”, but a different one than The Hippy. TIEM comes for the party. Frequently dancing alone during a show (or more likely in the techno tent), TIEM is undoubtedly on some form of drug. Most likely Ecstasy or MDMA, no one can stop the TIEM’s fun! (except for maybe a bad trip)

6) Newly Legal- The Newly Legal is a type that is asserting their independence for the first time at a festival. They are most likely seen with their other NL friends in the beer tent… drinking because they can. Did you hear about that person who had to be escorted out of the festival (insert other stupid activity)? That was the Newly Legal!!

7) Music Maven- Ahh the Music Maven… the MM comes to the festival for the music (shocking, I know). They will have a schedule (like the FF) and will be enjoying music from start to finish. Don’t even think about asking the MM to ride the ferris wheel or go eat dinner, if it interrupts their favourite band… consider yourself shunned!

8 ) The Celebrity- We all know it… Each music festival there will be celebrities roaming around. Most of the time they are waiting for their photo-op so please don’t bother them. In hipster wear (or “festival wear”) and ray-bans… The Celebrity is just there to enjoy the atmosphere (by themselves and their entourage of course)!


Have you been to a music festival?! Have you noticed any other types? Leave a comment!


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