#1- Hockey Game Attendees

So going to a hockey game recently, was the inspiration for this blog. I have been to more than one in the past month, and started noticing particular “types” who attend…. These may differ per city, as some cities have different fan-bases, but generally, they are similar.

1. The Die-Hard- As the most obvious prototype, the die-hard goes all out. Donned in jersey, painted face and sign… the die-hard can usually be found heckling the away team and drinking copious amounts of beer.

The Die Hard

2. The privileged- The privileged may fall under more than one category, but these are the business owners, the bourgeoisie. They have season tickets from their company, attend regularly.. usually with potential future clients.

3. The children- The spawn of the diehard and the privileged, the children can usually be spotted on the fan cam in their jerseys, gleeful as ever.

4. Ticket Winners- The ticket winners are people who win tickets from random contests and attend the games… usually the game they win is the only game they attend, so they are excited as ever and looking around taking it all in.

5. Arm Candy- The significant other, or interest of usually a die-hard or privileged. Spotted usually in heels, with maybe a team-repped t-shirt. Fans, but not die-hards… can be seen texting.

6. “Where are YOU”- This type of hockey go-er can be under any other category as well. Usually caught before the game, during intermissions and sometimes during the game on the phone looking around aimlessly. Followed by a wave, and some standing, this poor person is trying to find their friend halfway across the arena.

7. The Enemy- The enemy refers to fans of the “away” team… usually few in numbers, they make up for with obnoxious screaming and fist pumps.

Any other hockey game stereotypes you would add?! comment!


For more information on hockey games, as in “what is the NHL” go to here!


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