#2- The School Library

The school library is not only great for people watching (and studying), but for doing many other things as well… The people who go to libraries range depending on location.

1) The Studier- The studier can come in all different shapes and sizes, but the studious of them all appears to be prepared. They come bearing colour-coated post-it notes, 50 different pens and pencils, and are more prepared for an exam in two weeks, than most are for an exam tomorrow.

2) The Crammer- The crammer can usually be spotted at a library with late hours, in sweat pants with bags under the eyes. The crammer is cramming for an exam that is most likely less than 12 hours away, and it is most likely their first time looking at the material the night before.

3) The Essay Writer- The essay writer, is a type that can be seen typing loudly with purpose with books upon books surrounding. Not as stressed, the essay writer coasts by at the library, taking casual breaks every 15 minutes or so… Sometimes the essay writer can fall under the category as the crammer.

4) The Pretender- The Pretender goes to the library to pretend that they are being productive studiers, but spend more time people watching, than studying. The Pretender will look at their book (or computer) for 5 minutes, then stare across the room for 15.

5) The Social Butterfly- The Social Butterfly does not go to the library to study, but instead to socialize. The Social Butterfly might bring a book or a computer for good measure, but is there to converse, gossip… most of the time without their library voice

6) The Live-In- The Live-In is someone who goes to the library at open, and stays until close. A mixture of the other types above, the live-in can be seen with three course meals, numerous coffee cups and water bottles. What’s that crunching that you hear? Oh, That is just the Live-In eating his vegetables for an afternoon snack.

7) The Angered Soul- The Angered Soul, whilst may identify as another library type, is angry and constantly scolding the people around them. Whether its the crunching from the live-in or the non-whispering from the social butterfly, the angered soul will always let you know when you are bothering him/her. This can be through darting eyes, a “shh”, or if you’re lucky, an introduction and a shutdown by the angered soul.

Did I miss any other types of people that you would find at a school library? Probably! So let me know in the comments!


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